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When you think of property hotspots, you might think of glamorous London locations, but for Northamptonshire, it is their central or eastern English town of Northampton that is vying for one of the fastest growing housing markets in the country. The figures show house prices have risen by more than 30 per cent in the past five years.

It is not uncommon to find houses in the area that cost well over a million dollars, and it is also quite surprisingly reasonable given the relatively low cost of living in Northamptonshire and its proximity to London and other major cities.

Considering what Corby has to offer, a simple three-bedroom terraced house can be bought for as little as £140,000. Look out for tiny terraced houses, which can sometimes come at a lower price but can expect to rent for more than £170,000 for a three-bedroom house.

Find out how to move into one of the new homes in Northampton with an incentive to help you pay your stamp duty and ease the stress of moving under the part-exchange scheme. Buy a new property for just £10,000, or as much as £1,500 for a three-bedroom house.

You could soon be relaxing in your dream home in Northampton with the help of a part - swap it for a new property for just £10,000 or £1,500.

Whether you are a first-time buyer of a stunning property for yourself and your family or looking to downsize for retirement, you can find a new home in Northampton that is an excellent choice for your next property, with stunning designs ideal for modern living. From detached houses to listed houses, we offer a wide range of properties with a wide range of options for single people.

EveryHome Realtors prides itself on having agents serving the Northampton area and other parts of England and Wales. On the banks of the river there are also a number of popular parks, including the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Thames and the Great North Road, among many others.

Newer homes typically cost about $600,000 and often sit on about an acre of land. Our office has offices in Northampton and surrounding areas as well as a number of other locations across England and Wales.

Homes in Northampton Township tend to be slightly above the Bucks County average, although homes vary significantly within the larger community. Individual homes in the area tend to match low-cost Cape Cods, ranchers and colonial owners. Beautiful villages are relatively expensive compared to their sprawling urban neighbors, but the built-up areas tend to offer cheaper terraced houses. In the Berkshires, the Massachusetts Realtors Association shows no significant difference in home prices between the communities of Berks and Berks County.

In Berks County, it takes about 46 days to get a home on the market, while the average in Northampton Township is 66 days, according to the Massachusetts Realtors Association. Houses in the Berkshires take a little longer to sell, with an average of 60 days between listings in Bucks County and Berks.

The hottest property markets are in the South East and East of England, where house prices are rising, the latest figures from Zoopla show. Buyers looking for a home in Milton Keynes and Croydon are the second reason homes are being offered in these areas, according to the property website. The average time between listing a property and listing after listing is 47 days, while it often receives an offer within 42 days. In Northampton Township, the average time from enrollment to the submission of offers is 46 days; in Berks County, it is 47 days after enrollment; and in Bucks County and Berks, it is 46 days after enrollment. Zopla says that homes for sale in both areas go up to 42 days, but only in one area of the state.

London remains the fastest growing London borough in the region, followed by the South East and East of England, which are worth £316,000 and £282,500 respectively, according to Zoopla. London's Kensington and Chelsea, Croydon and Southwark, and the City of London are also among the fastest growing cities in the UK, taking an average of 28 days to get in and out of the city.

To help homeowners sell their property quickly, they can take a number of steps to speed up the process, including tidying up, displaying outdoor spaces, storing large items, and buying letters. Fish said: "Although there is a serious housing shortage, most properties are still under contract. Before buying a property it is important to consider local amenities such as local shops and restaurants as well as public transport.

If you are moving out of the county or are in a brand new area, you will be pleased to know that Northampton is home to a wide range of shops, restaurants, hotels, cafes and restaurants. The city centre, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and public transport are easily accessible. Birmingham Airport is just north of the city and East Midlands and Luton airports are within easy reach.

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