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Premier Inn, Travelodge and Holiday Inn have issued an update on bookings as nationwide closures come into effect across England. As the hard trade in holiday hostels and hotels continues across the UK, we have secured a number of hotels in the Northampton area as well as other locations in England and Wales.

The British multinational hotel company, based in Denham, Buckinghamshire, is one of the largest hotel operators in the world, with more than 2,000 hotels and hostels. The UK-based InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is a global leader in hospitality, with America being its largest market and generating almost 55% of turnover. IhG has hotels in almost 100 countries and a portfolio of over 1,500 hotels in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

Wigan-based Specialist Leisure Group also runs a number of live music and entertainment venues in the city. The company has grown from a Newcastle hotel to one of the largest hotel operators in the world with more than 2,000 hotels and hostels in over 100 countries.

Her duties at Adidas UK include managing fitness and fitness programmes for men, women and children, her fitness, activity, meeting friends and simply relaxing.

Leisure is one of the leading leisure providers in the UK and is recognised as Exclusive Leisure by England and Wales. The Restaurant Group is responsible for working with pubs, hotels and wedding venues across the UK and supports Le Freizeit Hospitality Management Team. We look after a wide range of restaurants, bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels in Northampton and support British residents travelling abroad and their families in accommodation, food and drink, as well as working in the pub, hotel, wedding venue and in the UK. Our clubs in the UK are there to provide you with all the benefits of a club and we use the best of our facilities, facilities and services for UK and overseas residents travelling abroad.

If you are travelling for business or looking for a hotel in Hull city centre, the Holiday Inn Hull Marina is open and welcoming to guests. Liverpool ONE shopping centre is just a 10-minute walk away and the very friendly staff can't do enough for you.

The Tavern at Wharf is a nice restaurant with a great atmosphere and staff, everyone who works there is always very nice to talk to and knows the menu. The food is absolutely delicious and the tasty pub grub is one of the best of its kind in Northampton , it is a must - go to the water. With a large beer garden and berths, there are also over 50 parking spaces and every employee of the tavern can meet you in the pub for a drink or a meal in their bar or restaurant. It is located on 55 Shropshire Union Canal Bridge, a short walk from Liverpool city centre and a few minutes "walk from the city centre.

The Wharf Tavern is located on the west side of the river, within walking distance of the city centre and a short walk from Northampton.

Leisure lists for UK health centres and leisure centres are a stunning British holiday park to choose from, offering you and your family a fabulous relaxing holiday. Taylor Leisure Group has a long history and is well represented in the health and fitness industry in Northampton and other parts of England.

The park in beautiful Shropshire and North Wales has a long history as a health and fitness and leisure centre in Northampton and other parts of England.

Holiday Inn Leicester offers bright rooms with city views, as it is located in the shopping area. The hotel offers a wide range of amenities including a fitness centre, fitness centre, gym and gym, as well as a spa.

Alice House in Queen's Park offers the opportunity to visit an independently run leisure and sports promotion group. The group will take you around the East Sussex area of the UK with a range of activities including hiking, cycling, walking, running and cycling.

Get ratings, hours, directions, coupons and more in New Bedford, MA (02740) Free parking, a crab leg you can eat, free breakfast and lunch, and a free bottle of wine.

Offers are available at the following locations in New Bedford, MA (02740): Aquadrome Billbills, The Olde Towne Hotel and Northampton Inn.

The Crowne Plaza continues to grow with new signings including a new hotel, restaurant and spa, as well as new restaurants and bars. Formerly operated as Courtyard Marriott, it is now a Holiday Inn hotel with a 20-year license agreement. Holiday Inn Express Stockports is close to Stockport Rail Station and features restaurants, free Wi-Fi throughout, and a gym and sauna, which have been refurbished for those looking for modern accommodation nearby. Compare this to the Holiday Inn Express, which has always been a delight for staff and employees.

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