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The wedding shows of the Main Event will hold a wedding show at Northampton Abbey Retreat on Saturday, October 22, from 11: 00 to 16: 00, with a reception on Sunday, October 23, from 12: 00 to 17: 00. This includes a special guest speaker, a guest of honour and a private reception for the event's guests.

At the fair you will find the best wedding services in menaEUR (tm) s wear, meet a wide range of high quality providers and see beautiful places for weddings. There will be around 20 dealers exhibiting and there will be free admission to the show and free admission for guests to the event.

The Althorp estate offers only a few events a year and this is a great opportunity to visit the beautiful grounds. Most events are fairly cheap and some are even free, so make sure you're heading to one of these events if you're happy to take your children with you.

An afternoon at Grosvenor is a great opportunity to stroll through the streets of Northampton and there are playgrounds, cafes and toilets. We mentioned Easter, but if you book a visit from Santa Claus, you can also spend a day at one of the other Easter events such as the one in the Church of Our Lady.

The village is dressed in sweet traditional costumes and at the beginning of the way you will find festive stalls and rides. There are a number of shops, cafes, restaurants, shops and even a children's playground and the village itself.

The Horrible Histories live on stage has become a global phenomenon and the cast usually perform in London's West End, but it's a real treat to see the show in Northampton from your own car. Tickets went on sale in March and often sold out, so make a reminder - tickets for the first show that opens on the day of the event. Bebe was seen leaving the Comedy Club on Friday night with a karaoke commercial for the cheese musical from the 80s. Another stop worth visiting is the Royal Albert Hall, often home to one of Britain's most famous actors and comedians, Alan Rickman.

To discuss events in Northampton, call 0800 788 888 5555 or let us arrange everything for you. We are the platform to learn more about events, on-the-go events and events in the city and the region.

The Holiday Inn Derby and Nottingham Hotel is located near the M1 and A52 motorways at Sandiacre, which gave the hotel its full name on Sunday. The historic village of Braunston in Northampton is also worth a visit, and is at the intersection of the Oxford and Grand Union canals, the site mentioned in the Domesday Book. Abington Park offers a wide range of activities for the whole family, from cycling, hiking and swimming to picnicking. So stop by the lake to watch the swans.

Northampton is located on the M1, which links it to the north of England and London, and the two closest airports to Northampton are Luton and Birmingham, both of which offer direct flights to London Heathrow and Manchester International Airport respectively. The five largest UK airports are all within 2 hours by car, namely London Stansted, London Gatwick, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and Glasgow Airport.

Luton is less than 2 hours by car from Northampton, while East Midlands Stansted is less than an hour by train from Leicester and London Gatwick.

The Christmas Market at Waddesdon Manor takes place from 1 to 31 December every first Saturday of the month from 10am to 5pm.

Northampton is an excellent choice of venue and hosts a wide range of corporate events and conferences throughout the year. In addition to many other corporate events, we offer theme evenings, events for children and young people as well as a variety of special events. Other popular venues in Northampton include the Royal Albert Hall, St Mary's Church, the Queen Elizabeth II Museum and the University of Cambridge's Business College.

We offer a wide range of team building activities in Northampton, including our Crystal Collection, which includes a full-size crystal dome that can be fitted out to the entire team. We offer not only the crystal collection, but also a variety of other teambuilding and team building activities for our customers. We have an excellent team of professional architects, designers, architects and designers also in the Northamptonshire area.

Warwick Castle's Halloween event includes a witches show, a haunted house, a witches show and a costume competition. There will be a variety of costumes, costumes and costumes for children of all ages, as well as live entertainment and entertainment for adults. We will offer a number of special events, such as a Halloween party for children and adults and an evening of music, dance and dance.

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